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Our thermocouples are very fine, thin and realized fast response and high accuracy.
This device is widely used in the electronics industry for measuring temperature.

Fine Thermocouple (13, 25, 50 micron dia.)

Fine Thermocouple

tip of fine thermocouple 25 m

tip of fine thermocouple 50 m
25micron Thermocouple Tip 50micron Thermocouple Tip

specification of thermocouple
Original wire dia.
Tip wire dia.

Tip is not ball type like photo, then heat capacity is small and easy to bond.

(1) Characteristic Point of Fine Thermocouple
  • You can easily bond this Fine Thermocouple to small component like 0.3mm pitch QFP lead, 1005 ceramic chip or Flip Chip etc.
  • Minimum heat capacity, then you can get highest response and accuracy
  • Fine and Flexible Tip, then you can bond easily using Ag paste.

(2) Specification of Fine Thermocouple

  • K type (Chromel Alumel) thermocouple
  • Insulated Thermocouple: Glass, Teflon and Ceramic Insulation
    Wire Dia. : 100micron, 200micron, 320micron
    Length : You can specify any length.
  • Tip : Wire Dia. : 13micron, 25micron, 50micron
    Standard Tip Length 10}3mm
    (You can specify tip length)

(3) Model type and options Detail

(4) Temp. Profile Example of Fine thermocouple Detail
Unbelievable Profile , but actual data.

(5) Accuracy Experimental Result
We made accuracy and response experiment.Detail
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